5 reasons to choose new Europe
Intense market competition, the road to localization of high-end valves is very

China's valve market "cake" is large, but the market competition is also very in...

The valve industry has stepped up its pace of upgrading to the era of automation

There are still some problems in China's valve industry. For example, China's...


Nantong Shipyard

I was coming from the Internet to find, do not know how the quality is not what, under a small order, receive the goods looked, quite good ah, it is recommended!
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Shanxi Orchid Technology

I'm new to this one, do not know how the selection, but fortunately the new company's sales in Europe to me very patiently explain, and I selection, pretty good!
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SMIC Beijing Zijin Mining Shandong Changyi Shanxi Orchid Technology Sichuan Chemical Group


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Quality Commitment

1、in strict accordance with a variety of domestic and foreign design and manufacturing standards
2、the product's source materials have qualified analysis of the chemical...

Service Commitment

1、24 hour rapid response
2、free one year maintenance
3、the product lifetime repair
4、free installation guide


Customers purchasing list, please fax to 86-577-21826666, or to inquire 86-577-21899999
receipt of customer purchase list, providing customers with valve type selection and pricing (price list).
specifically agreed: delivery, special requirements such matters.

The customer's special requirements, to provide a detailed description in the contract:
Our various types of drives can be configured according to customer special requirements.

Electric control valve|Pneumatic control valve|Pneumatic shut-off valve|Self-operated regulating valve

The electric regulating valve is a commonly used regulating valve type and is an important execution unit instrument in industrial automation process control. With the increasing degree of automation in the industrial field, more and more applications are being applied in various industrial production fields. It is suitable to install the upper end of the working piston in the lower part of the horizontal pipeline. The temperature sensor can be mounted in any position and the entire length must be immersed in the controlled medium. The electric regulating valve mainly relies on the electric actuator to drive the opening and closing of the regulating valve. The electric actuator can accept the analog signal from the current or voltage of the control system, and adjust the parameters such as the flow rate and pressure of the pipeline medium by controlling the different opening degrees of the regulating valve. Purpose, to achieve remote automatic control.

Pneumatic shut-off valve adopts lip-type elastic sealing ring structure design to ensure the reliability of sealing. For low-pressure, ultra-low pressure or vacuum working ball valves, the leaf spring-loaded valve seat sealing structure can ensure the long-term reliable sealing of the ball valve. The seat material of medium and high temperature ball valves can be selected from para-polyphenyl or metal materials. It can be used with solenoid valve and valve position switch box to realize remote cut-off control. The pneumatic shut-off valve is powered by compressed air. The valve stem drives the valve core to rotate 90° in the valve body to achieve full-open-closed action. The pneumatic shut-off valve can be divided into soft sealing seat and metal sealing valve according to its sealing performance. seat.